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What You Need to Know When Buying a Tourniquet

A tourniquet is a piece of essential medical equipment that saves lives and this has been established through the study of many cases involving traumatic injuries. In general, it is established that at least 20% of people who succumb to traumatic injuries lacking effective bleeding control, would be saved that effective bleeding control equipment. Saving lives is not all about being there when an accident happens but also having the right equipment at the right time so that in case of an accident, shooting, or any other unfortunate activity that leads to serious injuries, you can quickly use a tourniquet and save lives. When a leg or arm is seriously injured a lot of blood can be lost through the arteries, and the tricky part is that stopping blood flow to the leg or arm requires a lot of pressure that only a combat application tourniquet can provide. It is very difficult to use other kinds of methods to stop blood flow to a traumatically injured body part. We are considering the purchase of combat application tourniquet you need the right information to assist you in making the right choice.

The first factor to consider when buying a combat application tourniquet is to check out whether the tourniquet is patented and endorsed by reputable or medical organizations involved in traumatic injuries. Normally, a tourniquet gets patented and endorsed by a medical research Institute if it has gone through thorough testing and proven to be effective in blood flow control in case of a serious injury. Therefore, when purchasing a combat application tourniquet not just purchase the one you can access fast but look for a tested and proven tourniquet that is 100% effective. One of the ways to check whether the tourniquet is approved and trusted is checking out whether it has a history of being used by the Army or other lifesaving organizations.

Another important consideration in choosing the right combat application tourniquet is checking the system utilized by the device to stop blood flow. Consider whether they combat application tourniquet you are purchasing has a windlass system as well as a free moving internal bond that makes it possible to apply maximum pressure on the traumatic injury. The windlass system is very effective in stopping blood flow from a traumatic wound by ensuring that once they tourniquet is properly tightened and bleeding has stopped there windlass is locked into place hence maintaining the pressure needed on the wound without any more pressure from the hands.

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